No Money for Wellness Program?

As we all make every attempt to anticipate changes in our benefit plans, one thing remains clear… we can lower costs and reduce absenteeism with a corporate wellness program. So, that’s pretty easy to say; however, not so easy to implement! Not all organizations have the financial resources to bring in outside vendors, hire healthcare experts, or pay for employee’s dues at the local health club. So what can you do?

Keeping your workplace clean and free of germs, reminding employees to cover their coughs and sneezes, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle can all make a difference. Ideas for establishing a wellness program include:

  • Volunteer to facilitate a lunch hour walk. Organizing & encouraging employees in this activity reduces stress, promotes a healthy body, and increases energy levels for the afternoon.
  • Bring in a dietician from the local hospital or health center to talk about healthy eating. This is often provided at no charge.
  • Check with your health insurance provider, they may have guest speakers or mailers that you can provide to employees at no charge on a number of different topics.
  • Have some extra space in your building? Employees might be willing to donate exercise equipment that is now serving as a clothes rack in their house. Be sure to get a signed activity waiver from users.
  • Check with your local high school to see if facilities are available and open for public use. You may be able to use the track, the gym, or even the hallways for activities that include running, basketball, and walking.
  • Create a friendly competition with a contest for employees interested in weight loss, or set up a point system for teams of employees that participate in healthy activities.
  • Search the internet for more ideas on free wellness programs. Many colleges, health care organizations, and government agencies have great information and free resources available.