Is Viral Marketing For Your Business?

Every few days, there seems to be a new viral video surfacing online. A couple years ago it was flash mobs, then the Harlem Shake and of course you can never forget the adorably sweet cat videos making the rounds.

The right elements contained within your video can mean the difference of just a few likes, shares or views to millions. You want to keep your video simple, they should strike an emotional cord – whether it be funny or pulls on your heart strings, it should contain an offer of some sort or a connection back to your company.

With a fickle and ever-changing audience mood, viral marketing can be hit or miss. Your idea could be clear genius and relevant and still not garner much of a viral impact or it could be online for two years and then take-off. Knowing this is part of the planning process. For this reason, pumping money into a viral video may not be the right strategy for your organization. Keeping it light, easy and with a ‘homemade’ feel is key. At InFUSION Group we can help you determine if a viral marketing strategy is a good fit for your organization, assist in developing a plan and work with you to get your videos seen.

Our expertise in human resources, marketing, leadership and corporate culture will provide your organization with the tools it needs to sustain and grow your business. At inFUSION Group we strive to implement specific solutions that will work for your particular organization.