Workplace Etiquette: Wash Your Hands!

There are many articles, blogs, and books written about etiquette in the workplace. Cubicles, kitchens, break rooms and board rooms are frequently covered. And, for good reason; there are a lot of inconsiderate slobs out there and maybe you work with one or two of them. This blog is about bathroom etiquette in the workplace. Yes, the bathroom! It is the season for colds and flu, and I am sure that you have discussed or read about the lack of hand washing on the way out of the bathroom. That was the motivation for writing this.

Did you know there is an organization called “The International Center for Bathroom Etiquette?” Really, there is and they are not afraid to tackle this sensitive topic. If you are a manager (or in human resources) chances are, you have been asked to handle difficult situations. Situations involving the workplace bathroom are probably at the top of the list of things you would rather not address. So, check out this great website for advice

In the meantime, “wash your hands” and try to prevent the spread of germs!

Written By: Ellen R. Charlebois, Senior Partner