Marketing Plan Development

Have you been reacting to current economic conditions instead of planning for the future? Your customers’ expectations and motivations have probably changed. Are you getting the return on your investment in marketing expenditures? inFUSION Group can help you to address the changing environment and make the adjustments you need to help your business succeed.

Strategic Review

Social Media Strategy Development & Management

Budget Development & Management

Advertising Development & Promotion

Website Development Project Management & Consulting

Market Research

Vendor Management (Partner/Agency Liaison)

Creative Direction & Oversight

Service Standards Development

Establish/Measure ROI (Return on Investment)

Branding and Image Development

We can help you differentiate your product or service from your competitors, gain internal and external buy-in, and reflect your organization’s values and attributes with every communication. Whether you need to fine tune, re-work or start from the beginning, inFUSION Group has the tools and expertise to define and present your organization to the world.

Research and Situation Analysis

Implementation, Execution & Brand Launching

Workshops & Focus Group Research

Website Project Management & Consulting

Brand Strategy & Foundation Development

Development of Brand Communication Standards

Creation of Brand Identity (Look and Feel)

Communication Plans

A solid communication plan is built on strong, consistent messages. inFUSION Group believes that including all stakeholders in the process builds teamwork and belonging, breaking down the feeling of “us v. them”. The goal should be to include everyone who cares to participate, and motivate those who are not currently engaged. inFUSION Group will help your organization take a proactive approach to communication by fostering two-way, open communication.

Development of Communication Standards

Media/Press Release Development & Management

Advertising Promotion

Mission/Vision Communication

Public Relations