Performance Management

Has your organization failed to execute strategy? Have you missed deadlines or come up short on hitting goals? Having a good performance management system in place can help you understand where employee skills need to be developed, strengthen reporting structures, involve all required company resources and gain commitment. Through performance reviews and evaluations you can track progress against plan, and define consequences when goals are not met. Performance management provides the follow-through you need to get results.

Core Competency Development

Job Description Development

Employee Performance Reviews & Assessments

Goal Setting & Metrics

Employee Coaching

Training & Workshops

Compensation & Benefits

A key to meeting organizational goals is to have a committed workforce that consists of the right people in the right place. Motivating employees, keeping your best talent, and appealing to new talent can be addressed through good compensation and benefits programs. We have the experience and knowledge to align programs with your strategy, and make sure you are getting quality for the cost.

Current Program Review

New Compensation & Benefit Programs

Incentive & Commission Programs

Development of Compensation Philosophy

Fair Labor Standards Act Review

Budget Development

Liaison with Vendors, Agencies & Partners

Recruitment Services, Planning, & Strategy

Weighing out the desire to quickly fill a position with the opportunity to find the perfect match is a struggle for many organizations. In our current economic climate, wasting resources on a job search that ends with a bad fit isn’t an option. inFUSION Group can help you develop processes that address your strategic requirements and enhance your ability to hire the individuals that you need.

Candidate Assessments & Interviewing

Recruitment Process Development

Orientation/On-Boarding Programs

Compliance Review

Liaison with Vendors, Agencies & Partners

Linking Recruitment Goals to Corporate Strategy

Organizational Planning & Development

Over-estimation of resource competence can lead a business down a path of failure. Fighting a culture that is resistant to change can delay or prevent you from achieving success. By assessing the current environment and using tools to make improvements, we can address the weaknesses and plan for the future.

Training & Workshops

Succession Planning

Leadership Assessment

Executive Coaching

Core Competency Development

Cultural Definition & Change

Employee/Labor Relations

We’ve all heard and maybe even used the phrase, “Our most important asset is our employees.” Defining expectations and communicating them clearly is essential to maintaining good employee relations. Sure, recognition and rewards programs are important (and we can help you with those), but understanding where there may be obstacles and working toward improved connections helps your company stay healthy.

New Employee Orientation Programs

Exit Interview Process

Employee Handbook and Policies

Employee Surveys

Recognition & Reward Programs

Employee Retention

Job Descriptions

Compliance Review

Internal Communication Plans

Poor communication is often cited as the reason for failure to achieve results. When employees and other stakeholders have a good understanding of goals and objectives, they can more easily commit to your strategy. Communication can help you to better manage change, enhance employee relations and overcome resistance. inFUSION Group can help you with corporate-wide communications and one-on-one communications.

Designed for Large Groups or Individuals

Program Announcements

Mission/Vision Communication

Business Updates

Handbook/Policy Communications