LinkedIn: Undergoing a Change

Like many people, I consider LinkedIn to be the “business” networking site – the place where you try to present yourself as a professional with a goal of making business connections and keeping in touch. On the other hand, Facebook or MySpace is where I expect to find pictures of a personal nature, political commentary, silly games, and a declaration of social opinions and musical interests. In many ways, these networking sites provide entertainment and an easy way to communicate with friends and family.

LinkedIn gives me the opportunity to meet fellow business people and stay on top of current issues. I can get involved in on-line discussions and I can learn more about an individual by reviewing their profile. I belong to a number of “groups” and I get e-mail updates from those groups. It seems that lately, many of these updates are sales pitches in disguise. Companies are attempting to sell their consulting services and trying to enlist me in their training programs. Individuals that I have never met are soliciting for jobs that I don’t have available. Don’t get me wrong, I love capitalism, the free market, and I believe it all revolves around selling. But, I get the impression that the people behind the disguised sales pitches are desperate. I think that LinkedIn has lately been touted as a job board or classified advertising medium and its value is currently changing. I wonder how long it will remain of value to the business community as a networking site.