No business "need" is unique - no matter how complex, there are solutions. We offer you a powerful combination of experience in many different industries and expertise across several specialties that ensure we will always deliver the best solution for your business.

Below is a list of just some of inFUSION Group’s success stories:

We have ensured a B2B and manufacturing client adhered to timelines and met critical deadlines when implementing new technology. How? We became their “project manager” and put new procedures into place. 

We have increased productivity measurements and employee commitment factors for clients in financial and manufacturing industries. How? Through analysis of customized surveys and execution of improved communication standards, clarification of expectations, and process improvement programs.  

We have helped clients in financial, technology and manufacturing industries to address executive performance issues. How? With personalized coaching, performance improvement plans, and conflict management.

We have developed sales cultures for financial clients. How? Through the development and launch of improved incentive programs, development and implementation of goals, transactional coaching for front line employees, and training on 1) customer life cycles, 2) how to overcome objections. 

We have increased online sales by up to 500%. How?  Through the development of a strong, targeted SEO strategy which has resulted in achieving more than 100% ROI.

We have helped financial, manufacturing and service industry clients’ increase their ROI on marketing dollars spent in the field. How? Through analysis and research we helped to clearly identify their target markets and created strategies for trade shows and community events that focused efforts.

We have reduced marketing budgets by up to 50% and increased marketing return on investment (ROI) for B2B clients. How?  By focusing efforts and resources on targeted segments, creating brand awareness through the development of key messages in print and electronic mediums, as well as developing media campaigns and traditional direct marketing campaigns. 

We have developed and implemented a “go to market” strategy for customer acquisition and retention that ensured each B2B point of distribution is effective. How?  Through training, creating and distributing effective marketing tools, joint sales calls, and on-going relationship building with key customers.

We have increased points of distribution by 375% for a B2B client. How? By executing a strategy that included research, analysis, and the development of a process to make personal contacts in the field.


K. Harris, President , Manufacturing Company

"By involving inFUSION Group, we realized substantial time and cost savings. Your human resources knowledge and insight has enabled us to implement very straightforward employment practices that incorporate our safety standards and meet employment rules. Your recommendations and solutions will help our company continue to meet its long term vision."

C. Peters, COO , Credit Union Industry

"inFUSION Group is an outstanding company, they have provided a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help us meet our strategic goals and objectives. Their excitement for the industry and ability to motivate people is a true asset. There are vendors out there that once you find them you never want to let them go and inFUSION Group is one of those rare finds."

S. Grech, EVP , Financial Industry

“in-Fusion has helped re-energize our organization and has furthered our progress towards achieving our full potential as a financial cooperative.   in-Fusion will help keep an organization focused on living its core values and building and maintaining a vibrant, healthy culture that serves as the bedrock for attaining satisfied accountholders, engaged employees and positive financial results.”

D. Munro, SVP - Chief Technology Officer , Financial Industry

"in-Fusion Group has been a trusted ‘go-to’ resource for our organization.  Their wealth of knowledge and varied areas of expertise has made them very valuable when we need consultation.  From Member growth initiatives to assisting in blending our brand into our new Member Centers, in-Fusion has what we need when we need it."

N. Nickolopoulos, Chairman , Board of Directors

"We hired In-Fusion Group to take over leadership of our organization during a very difficult time.  They not only ran day to day operations, but they brought us back to profitability.  Their extensive experience in leadership, human resources and operational efficiency was outstanding.  They created a positive morale for our staff and board of directors by bringing education, training and structure that has contributed to our success.  I highly recommend In-Fusion Group."   


Orange Papers

Amplify your knowledge with InFUSION Orange Papers. Our papers are a great resource for information and research on a variety of marketing, human resource, sales, corporate culture topics and more.