Politics in the Workplace! Yes or No?

Written By: Christopher R. Brown, CAE
Senior Consultant, inFUSION Group 

In times past it was generally accepted that, in polite company, you didn’t discuss three distinct topics:  religion, politics and…well…you can guess the other one.  Times have changed and with the advent of social media, many of these traditional ideas seem very quaint!  In the area of elections and the workplace, we have seen big changes over the years that have led to companies thinking about politics in the workplace, how involved a company can be and even if a company wants to be active at all. 

Popping the Question: Are your Employees Engaged?

It’s no secret that employee engagement and strong organizational culture have been linked to higher customer satisfaction, business profitability and, of course, employee productivity. Companies like Google, Zappos and Zingerman’s have made a name for being great places to work and the rest of the businesses in the alphabet have been scrambling to replicate their successes. But pool tables, free dry cleaning and espresso machines do not a culture make.

It’s Not Over till It’s Over: Five Strategies to Improve Your Meetings!

The end of your meeting may be the most important part of all.

Written By: Erika Oliver, PMP

We tend to put great thought into meetings before they happen but less so while they’re winding up. If you want to reap true benefits from your meetings, though, don’t adjourn too quickly. Do these five things at the end of every meeting to give the team the energy to move forward and set the tone for what happens next.

Is Viral Marketing For Your Business?

Every few days, there seems to be a new viral video surfacing online. A couple years ago it was flash mobs, then the Harlem Shake and of course you can never forget the adorably sweet cat videos making the rounds.

The right elements contained within your video can mean the difference of just a few likes, shares or views to millions. You want to keep your video simple, they should strike an emotional cord – whether it be funny or pulls on your heart strings, it should contain an offer of some sort or a connection back to your company.

Get on Board! Increasing Retention and ROI of New Hires.

Now Hiring

For the first time in a long time, the job market is as busy as the supermarket on Sunday. As of the 3rd Quarter of 2014, there were 4.8 million job openings in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics this was the highest level of job openings since January 2001. Even better yet, we saw a significant net increase in employment after accounting for turnover.

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